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I suggest mandating or at least insisting on the use of a basic, low-effort form that should be filled out when making suggestions on the forums, similar to the one given for staff applications. The form should ask basic questions that improve the quality of the suggestions, and perhaps even offer some reflection upon filling said form out. It would also allow the admins to add additional information that basically everyone would see before posting a suggestion, for example a list of planned features, a non-exhaustive list of commonly suggested things that will not be implemented or something similar, or directions to add a poll to the forum thread (relevant link).
A sample form could be as follows:
  • Suggestion (brief):
  • Suggestion details:
  • Who will it impact and how:
A filled out suggestion would look like this:
  • Suggestion (brief): Add a form for making suggestions.
  • Suggestion details: Enforce or insist on forum users using an admin-made form when making suggestion threads. This can be done by either making a separate topic like in the staff applications thread, be the default text that pops up when starting a fresh thread, or both. This can also be used to tell users additional information, such as an ask to add a poll to their suggestion, lay out some suggestion-specific rules (what type of suggestions are unwelcome, to post 1 suggestion per thread, etc) and anything else relevant.
  • Who will it impact and how:
    • Users: Will have a more guided experience when writing suggestions in a new space, will add a clear way on how to make new suggestion threads (currently it is impossible to tell what a good suggestion thread for the server would be, because there is no established standard due to the forum being new);
    • Staff: Will undoubtedly improve the quality of suggestions and generate less ‘how do I’ questions if everything is written inside a single thread.
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