Server Update: New Pokeballs! (02/05/23)


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Hey yall! We've got a big update coming today, the Ball update! (Shoutout to @Tony Snax for the help getting this one done!)

As part of this update we're releasing 28 new PokeBall types! All balls have various catch rates depending on the ball which will be tweaked over time at our discretion. If a catch rate is not specified below with a ball it's between a Pokeball - Ultra Ball.

All of these balls will now be available in the random reward pool (Poketokens and all that yada yada yada) and there is now a new Shibaballs kit in the shop as well!
Server Store!

These are the best of the best of the new balls, if you see these be sure you hold onto them as they have super good effects!
Clone Ball - This upon catching a Pokemon will give you a second copy of the caught Pokemon.
Gigantamax Ball - This ball gives a Pokemon (if it's able to have it) the Gigantimax factor (100% catch rate)
MaxIV Ball - This ball gives a Pokemon max battle IVs on catch
Hidden Ability Ball - This ball gives a Pokemon one of it's Hidden Abilities

These balls turn a Pokemon into a special palette, or give the Pokemon a cosmetic effect!
Alter Ball - Alter
Beach Ball - Summer
Drowned Ball - Drowned
Shiny Ball - Shiny
Spirit Ball - Spirit
Strike Ball - Strike
Zombie Ball - Zombie
Wireframe Ball - This will make the Pokemon look like it's a wireframe (Similar to how Pokemon look when you hit f3 + w)

These are various balls made to have fun while using!
Death Ball - Want to chance fate? You have a 50/50 chance of either being killed or being guaranteed a catch(100% catch rate)
Firework Ball - Ever wanted a ball you could just run around and throw at things? This ball will shoot fireworks off from a Pokemon upon catching something with it!

These balls give you items when catching a Pokemon
Daycare Materials Ball - Gives you some of the materials you need to breed that Pokemon in a Daycare
Loot Ball - Gives you the materials you'd normally get from killing the Pokemon
Money Ball - Gives you money when you catch a Pokemon with it
Photo Ball - Gives you a Pixelmon Photo of the Pokemon you catch
Plushie Ball - Gives you a Plushie of the Pokemon you catch

These balls transform the caught Pokemon in some way upon catching.
Baby Ball - Gives you the de-evolution of the caught Pokemon (e.g. catching Pikachu gives you a Pichu)
Evolution Ball - Gives you the evolution of the caught Pokemon (e.g. catching Pikachu gives you a Raichu)
Feminine Ball - Gives you a female version of the caught Pokemon
Masculine Ball - Gives you a male version of the caught Pokemon

These balls have various niche uses, similar to the Dream ball!
Burn Ball - 4x catch rate against burnt Pokemon
Freeze Ball - 4x catch rate against frozen Pokemon
Paralyze Ball - 4x catch rate against paralyzed Pokemon
Poison Ball - 4x catch rate against poisoned Pokemon
Switch Ball - When you have a Full Party and a Pokemon is caught with this it will send your 6th slot Pokemon to the PC and put the caught Pokemon in your party