May Battlepass!!


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The battlepass has been reset!

Be sure to update your technic & curseforge for the new updated resource pack

Along with the battlepass being reset we've also updated both Bug Catching and Legend Hunting! Expect to get more xp now for each action!

Here are some of the textures to look forward to in each of the battlepass tiers below.

Be sure to pick up a rank or the premium battlepass this month at

Free Battlepass
-Steampunk Dratini
-Spritual Froakie
-Aurora Spheal
-Shiba Zorua
Donator Battlepass
-Limited Zorua
-Shiba Alcremie
-Spooky Togepi
-Shiba Misdreavus
-Shiba Lugia
Premium Battlepass
-Valentines Meowscarada
-Crystalline Rayquaza

Also look out for outbreaks, keys and our custom Shiba Pokeballs! As always, we appreciate the support!