Format for reporting another player (PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!!!)

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When reporting a another player for breaking our servers rules it would be greatly appreciated if the reports were to follow the formatting seen below.

- Offending Players IGN/Discord
- Where they broke the rules (Discord, The Server, DMs, etc.)

- Which Rule they broke
- Provide a more detailed description of the incident (EX. I was buying a pokemon from [Player], but when I sent him the money he refused to trade me the pokemon)
- Evidence

Example Report

- TreeMcnut (TreeMcnut#6548)

- Pixelmon Server​

- Rule 7
- I let TreeMcnut into my claim and trusted them to look through my plushie chest, but they stole a bunch of my plushies after i trusted them and logged off.​
- Evidence
- 1673496353988.png1673496410730.png

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