Forestry Buff


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  • Suggestion: Buff Forestry's first skill "Timber's Touch" to give Haste 3, as well as reducing its cooldown significantly
  • Suggestion Details: Currently the Forestry Skill is irrelevant to the vast majority of the players. It doesn't provide any benefits worth the huge grind of leveling it (especially since you cant sell logs/wooden items), so most, if not all, players just leave their treefeller on. Buffing the active Ability would be a way to give it a niche use, by allowing logs to be instantly mined with gold speed tools.
  • Who will it impact and how: It'll benefit anyone whos interested in using the Forestry skill
    1. It will reduce the time to grind the Forestry skill 2. It will make the skill more relevant compared to treefeller 3. It will reduce time to cut down some modded trees that are unaffected by treefeller at times