Previous Competition First Build Competition - Submission

This post was a submission for a previous Build Competition.


Name of Builder(s), max 2: dottydooty (DottTheDragon)

Image(s) and Coordinates of the Build: X: -1535 Z: 6797 Screenshots of Build

/pwarp illuin to see the statues and perspectives yourself, because some of the screenshots here are before touchups. :)

Inspiration for Build: "Spring of Arda" from Tolkien's Legendarium. Before Humans, Dwarves and even Elves, there was a time when the 2 great Lamps shone their light over all the world. In this time, the first plants and animals awakened and the Valar lived in peace. I have built the Tower of Helcar with the Sky-Blue Lamp, Illuin, set atop it. The light has magical properties and encourages life and growth.
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