Battle Pass Reset and More!!


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The Battle Pass has been reset!
There are brand new rewards for all tiers!

Subscription Battle Pass!
We have added an additional Premium Subscription, which you can purchase on our website. You can view the rewards by running /battlepass in game.

NEW Player Warps!
Every player may now create their own warp!
Run /pwarp to open the menu!

All Trainers will have access to 1 Warp.
Ranks Yuzu, Mochi, Sakura, and Ocha will have access to 2 Warps.
Melon, Ube, and Ichigo will have access to 3 Warps.
Hoshi will have access to 5 Warps.

Player Warp Creation Commands:
View all commands with /pwarp help
- /pwarp set <warpname>
- Create your warp. The warp will be created where you are standing.
- /pwarp remove <warpname>
- /pwarp desc - set the warp description
- /pwarp category - set the warp category
- /pwarp icon - set the warp icon
- /pwarp favorite <warp> - add a warp to your favorites ("bookmark")

Outbreaks Kit
An Outbreak Kit is now purchasable on our website! Awards 3 outbreaks per week.

Thank you all for your continued support! ❤️