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The theme for this build competition is⭐Your Favorite Pokemon Type!⭐
Submission Deadline: April 28th, 2023

Your build can be centered around any of the following: Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Ice, Fighting, Poison, Ground, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Ghost, Dark, Dragon, Steel, or Fairy.

Be as creative as you want! Please choose only one type.

🥇1st Place - A Volcanic Legendary Pokemon of your choice*, 2x Shiny Outbreak, 1x Masterball, 500k Pokedollars
🥈2nd Place - 1x Outbreak, 1x Shiny Outbreak, 3x Bingo Reroll Tokens, 350k Pokedollars
🥉3rd Place - 1x Outbreak, 1x Shiny Pokemon Key, 2x Plushie Key, 250k Pokedollars

*Volcanic Legendaries: Groudon, Rayquaza, Lunala, Heatran, Tapulele, Eternatus, Spectrier


1. No Low-effort builds (placing 4 blocks and calling it a worm)
2. Do not submit a build that was already submitted previously
3. The build must be completed in the Project: Shiba server and be claimed by the submitting player
4. Collab builds are allowed (Max. of 2 builders), however, the reward will still be the same for 2 people as it would be for one and the name of each builder should be included on the submission
5. No inappropriate builds allowed - all builds must abide by server rules
6. The use of schematic mods is NOT allowed (we will know)

We reserve the right to disqualify any builds we find break one or more of the above-stated rules.


(If a submission isn't in the below format then it will not be accepted)
You must post your submission in the Submissions category on our Forums.

You may only include five (5) screenshots.
They must either be added to your submission post, or posted on an image-sharing website such as imgur.

Name of Builder(s), max 2:
Coordinates of the build:

Inspiration for Build:
Images of the Build, max 5:

Submission Deadline: April 28th, 2023
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